Crossing the Bridge from Fear to Action


By Laura Beyer

As an anxiety sufferer, I feel fear a lot. Whether I am trying to finish an assignment and worrying it’s not good enough, going to class, or even just talking to other people, I deal with it all day long.

You probably can relate to what I’m talking about, reader, even if you do not have anxiety. It’s that chest tightening feeling you get when something is really bothering you. Your heart rate goes crazy, pounding like a jackhammer against your ribs. The hairs on the back of your neck prickle up, and an icy trickle of cold swooshes down your spine.

Maybe your hands have started to shake and take on a cold, clammy feeling. Even if not all these feelings happen, they can happen on a much smaller scale.

For example, fear can be that tiny jolt in your heart that makes you realize something is wrong. Whatever your body is doing, you know you’re scared of something. These are all natural human reactions; the issue is when you let them shut you down.

Fear should be used as a catalyst to achieve things, not be something that makes you unable to cross the bridge. By flipping the negative effects of fear and making them work for you, you can take hold of those scary feelings and accomplish with them.

A quote from Dale Carnegie that I like to live by is this, “If you want to conquer fear, don’t sit home and think about it. Go out and get busy.” This is important for those who often feel shut down by fear, like me, because it reminds us that fear does not have to be crippling.

So, how can we use fear to get us where we need to go? Something I think works the best for me was suggested by blogger Henrik Edberg, in his article, “5 Life Changing Keys to Overcoming Your Fear.” He suggested taking little steps to accomplish a task.

While this advice may seem simple and straightforward, it often is forgotten when something really scary has to be accomplished. I know that when I’m fearing something, I often see it only as the large issue, when I should be taking it apart into manageable segments. 

Just removing the big picture and focusing on the smaller parts of your problem can help you cross the bridge or finish line from fear to accomplishment.

Image from Wikimedia Commons

Don’t you want to be the one crossing the finish line, reader? You don’t have to be the one stuck at the starting line, unsure of how to tackle the task and becoming completely consumed by the fear.

Like in this comic, fear can help us go from being unable to do anything, to being able to take on the world. All it takes is remembering you can conquer anything in a few simple steps.



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