Running on Empty


Photo by Laura Beyer

Go, go, go. We now live in a culture where downtime is a rare commodity. But, I’m sure you know this, reader. You live it every day.┬áStop for a second. Let’s put this life of ours into perspective.

Here’s your dose of reflection for the day.

You know that feeling? It’s getting on towards the end of the day and you feel yourself dragging down, down, down, as if every bone in your body is starting to weigh on you. The stress of the week is weighing on your chest, and you’re wondering how you can make it through this day.

Maybe the printer is out of ink AGAIN, the phone is blaring off the hook, your email is pinging with people begging you to do this, do that. Meanwhile your to-do list is stretching out for what seems like miles, you realize you missed lunch while dealing with an assignment, and not to mention, you only got four hours of sleep last night.

You’re probably wondering, what is with this girl? This isn’t calming me down, it’s bringing my stress level up. I can literally feel my blood pressure rising.

I know, me too. Let this new feeling wash over you. You’re going to be fine. Most of what you do today is not going to largely affect your life in a couple years. Easier said than internalized, right?

Let’s get some perspective. Look at the road picture above for a second with me, reader. This is you, on your road of life. All the things that are flying at you, the decisions, the questions, the endless to-do list, it will fall away. The one thing you have to remember to do is just keep pushing on.

It may look scary and overwhelming right now, and it probably is. But on your road of life, things will get better. Think of it this way: usually when things get tough, that means there’s something better coming down the road. Follow your heart, push through, and remember you won’t suffer for long. The road will bring you to new places, and better experiences.

We just have to remember this day can’t kill us, even if we feel like we’re choking. It can’t last forever. You can do this. I believe in you.

Here’s something I stumbled upon that will further calm you down and give you a moment of reflection. According to, scientists have discovered the most calming song ever. This song is scientifically proven to relax the listener. Give it a shot, take five and breathe with me.

Keep on keeping on, reader, and remember, you got this.